The handful of cars featured here were chosen from the many we have built over the years to represent the diversity of vehicles Kidd Darrin’s can build for you.

Kid Darrins Melbourne Florida Custom Completed Cars

1939 Chevy

The car features only subtle body modifications. The V butt windshield, the custom grill, and flush mounted turn signals are what stand out initially. But a closer look reveals smooth custom fabricated removable side panels as well as a one piece clamshell hood. Even the headlights were cut down and fitted lower on the front fenders……READ MORE

DSC01114 Kidd Darrin's Restoration and Custom Built Cars Melbourne Florida

Bill and Char’s 1967 Chevy Corvette

Bill bought this car new in 1967. He had modified it many times and in many ways throughout the years taking it from a fast street car to a full blown race car. When he brought the car to us at Kidd Darrins he had decided the cut out radiuses on all four fenders needed to be replaced with original fenders and quarters– but with a slight modification… Kidd Darrins fabricated complete new front fenders from scratch that are about 1″ wider in the front and did the same for the rear quarters making them 1.5″ wider than stock. The body lines remained true but now the car had a more aggressive look as well as more tire clearances. And that was only the beginning……..READ MORE

Paul’s 55 Chevy Bel Air

When Paul’s BelAir arrived at Kidd Darrins It was in pretty rough shape. Paul had owned the car for many years and actually drove it for many miles. Fixing it as he drove it, the car was in Paul’s words “not a very nice car to drive”. But it was his passion as he bought several parts cars through the years in order to swap parts onto his ride to keep it rolling. As time passed he finally decided to build the car into what he had always dreamed it should be. And Paul has assured us, we certainly did his old ride proud…..READ MORE